Our Praise Kids program is designed to give children the opportunity to grow in Christ by using music as a tool. Activities provide opportunities for them to form new friendships and be a part of special events by learning to work together as a team. We play games, use musical instruments, relate Bible verses/stories to our songs, sing in worship services, and just enjoy being together. Of course, we have fun in the process! Our job as PK leaders is to plant seeds – that’s all. God does the rest. Music can be a powerful tool to bring about change in someone’s life, and there’s no better investment than being involved in the life of a child. We welcome the chance to have your children become a blessing in our lives by their involvement in the Praise Kids program.

Praise Kids meets on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the fall and spring.  To register, click on Events  The Praise Kids program is open to children ages 4 (with a birthday on or before September 1) through 5th grade.

If you are interested in helping on a weekly basis or would like to be a substitute helper, contact Laurie Fields.