I am so excited to serve Christ through Girls Ministry! Most churches have a youth ministry but nothing geared fulltime to the needs of girls. Although I do not fit the mold for the average “church staff personnel”, God qualified me and spent many years preparing me for this season of my life.

In addition to growing up in a house of girls, I also have two of my own. My husband, John, and I have been married since 1990 and raised 4 kids. Along with two daughters, God also blessed us with two sons. Oddly enough, raising boys allowed me to experience the “girl world” from a completely different perspective. Although my kids are older, we love playing games, hanging out and laughing until we cry!! Fun times!!!

On top of sisters and kids, God was also preparing me for Girls Ministry as a police officer. I love the law and completely understand God set boundaries for us because He loves us!! As a police officer, my focus in law enforcement was primarily on “crime prevention”. For me personally, policing was a ministry that allowed me to reach people on a daily basis and see the consequences of sin in action. God loves us so much He gave us His son so we would have a way back to Him. However, He also allows us to make our own choices. That is where the ministries of girls and policing merge in my life. God has given me a crazy background that allows me to minister to girls and let them know that NOTHING is too big for God. Do not run to the world for anything but run to Christ with everything.



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